Note to Trump Hater Professor Steve Hayward

Professor…your just like all of the Trump Haters out there. You are part of the establishment RINO’s and are terrified that a real leader like Donald Trump will get control of your political house of cards and stop the rip off of hard working American taxpayer! You, Bill Bennett and all the many “guests” just don’t seem to understand the American Conservative. Here is a challenge for you. Come live with me and my family for a week or two out here in Kaleephorneeah…Land of the Loony Liberals and then we’ll have a discussion about your erroneous fear of Donald Trump.
Being a Republican these days is so far from what real republicans were like when Ronald Reagan was first elected. Remember…NO…you probably don’t or better yet…don’t want to remember. Please recall that he was a Democrat and a Liberal, but when he got into the political arena, what happened…yep…he became a Republican to the chagrin of many pontificators like yourself. Please stop having “selective memory”! And stop being scared of Trump. In his worst years, Trump could not possibly do as much damage to America as Barrack Obama has done.
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