Joe Lieden’s State of the Union LIES…

…Did NOT watch Joe Lieden spit out his State of the Union LIES…the NY POST did a credible job in pointing them out…here ya go…the BIGGEST LIES are listed first!!!

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American Taxpayer Bailing Out CHINA???

…Good Morning FRIENDS…NEW CONCERN…just a question…asked with very little research…but it seems to me…SVB’s failure is gonna have MASSIVE REPERCUSSIONS!!! It seems that SVB has/had more than 2,000 Chinese Accounts…and no less than three physical office locations in MAINLAND CHINA!!!…(full disclosure here…I am NOT a financial/banking person…just a simple hard rock minor of FACTS) that being said…then…with FJB/Yellen’s All Deposits will be made whole GOVERNMENT BAILOUT, seems to me that the American Taxpayer is bailing out CHINA!!! Tell me if I am wrong!!!

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PG&E Continues to Apply for HIGHER RATES in California

ATTENTION in NOR CAL…Natural gas prices have recently dropped…but your PG&E charges are going to CONTINUE TO GO HIGHER…until customers PROTEST these rates. Attached is the latest PG&E Rate Increase Application public notice was published in ALL adjudicated newspapers.

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This is how things get changed in Kaleephorneeah
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…Don’t Look Now, But the Yuan Is Right Behind US!!!

Our good friend Xi spent 3-4 days in Cambodia week before last and came away with an agreement with Hun Sen that his country would begin converting from the US dollar to the Chinese Yuan as their currency of record…and now THIS is today’s WSJ…

3-1-2023-WSJ Russia to Use Chinese Yuan-marked up.jpg

…All I can say is…the “Bonehead” in the white house never did have ANY sense about US foreign policy…and now with his mental facilities collapsing…and God-knows-who is actually running our country…my prediction just may come true: FJB will have us into WWIII before the ballots are cast in the 2024 election!!! Thank God we now have permission to establish “military bases” in the Philippines!!! Wonder when that dumb F’er will learn that “sanctions” are for the weak countries like Canada and Mexico!!!

Oh…and a little PS here…Russia has recently instituted a national conscript for all young people…can you say Hello WAR!!!

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…The Big Train Wreck LIE…

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Wednesday, February 8th in Vacaville…if you need assistance with transportation, it is possible we can help call/message/text: 707-771-5481

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Wednesday, January 11th, Open Meeting of Central Solano Citizens Taxpayer Group in Vacaville

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Govt. gets “F” grade for Covid-19 K-12 school mandates

This report appeared in the WSJ today (12-28-2022). And sadly, I have not heard it mentioned even once on ANY of today’s “news” media or social media posts…of course I cannot watch the Clown News Network or the MickeyMouSe Opinion Media!!!

Our schools, just like most of the rest of the country and the WORLD…are marching to the One World Order…soon to be known as ONE VERY STUPID ORDER!!!

THIS kinda crapola…makes me that much more ANGRY about the recent passage of various multi-million dollar school district facilities bonds!!!

We really MUST start to work HARD NOW to prevent any further school bond measures to pass…OR salary increases for teachers or STAFF!!! Until “they” prove TO US that they can educate our children well and correctly!

Maybe…this article should be read into the record at the next public SCHOOL DISTRICT board meeting?

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So…you believe “BIG BROTHER” isn’t watching us?

read the AP news article below…and don’t miss out on the last three paragraphs!

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