Honor and Patriotism

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now what you got to say…baby?

Honor and Patriotism, Not Protest! For me, not very many in the media as well as many others, seem to really understand that all the angst that happens at the taking a knee by professional athletes, actors and politicians during the playing of the National Anthem at public events, is really about honor and patriotism and is not a protest!

It was said by another that these “professionals” should get down on both knees and give thanks for being at a place in the world where they are allowed to speak their opinions in public as well as earn as much money as possible through exhibiting their skills. But to use their highly public podium this has been solely manufactured by their athletic skills and successes, is unpatriotic and dishonors me and my countrymen as citizens and Veterans.

I was not fortunate enough to rise to a “professional” level in any sport or job. So I do not have a “professionally built” and paid for by others pulpit and must voice my opinions through letters like this that only get a minute fraction of the recognition. But I have served my country without waiver and learned the meaning of honor and Patriotism.

In the case of the NBA, there are 12 professional basketball leagues outside the NBA and many of those players rise to become NBA players. Why do I mention this, it’s because playing in the USA is better than playing on any basketball team any place else in the world. And just how many of these and former NBA players have played on USA teams in world events? In 2016, a record 46 NBA players completed in the Olympics; 12 NBA players alone were members the USA Basketball team. I guess I’m just a bit confused as to why many of these NBA players dishonor us, but work very hard to play on the U.S.A. teams!

Protest if you will or say what you please, but please NBA, NFL and all other “professionals”, do it on your own time and at your own expense!

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University of California’s Napolitano Hides $175 Million!!!


Yep, we’ve been robbed once again…this time by that good ’ol gal Janet Napolitano…she’s done it in Arizona…she’s done it in D.C. and now she’s succeeded in robbing students, parents and taxpayers in Kaleephorneeah to the tune of at least $175 MILLION!!! (check it out: http://www.dailyrepublic.com/usworld/audit-university-of-california-hid-175m-in-secret-fund/).

I sincerely hope this finally brings the outrage it deserves here in the Golden State. Napolitano does not possess the qualifications to be the head of the largest state university system in the country and probably the world.

Wake up California and get a grip on what is happening to your state. Look up the exodus rate over the past several years. People are leaving the state by the thousands. And who remain to pay the taxes and make up for the $175,000,000 that has been stolen by the politicians.

California Republicans! Where are you???


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Californians…are you tired of this crap yet?

If you are, then do three things:

1. Call your State Senator and tell him/her/it that you’ve hand enough of high takes and politicians misusing our tax money.

2. Call your State Representative and tell him/her/it that you’ve hand enough of high takes and politicians misusing our tax money.

3. Go to this sight (http://noonthegastax.com/gas-tax-petition/)and sign the petition against the proposed tax on gasoline and vehicles.

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Trump: Far Out Ahead of Anyone in DC!

Don’t despair, President Trump is on the job and far out ahead of all those politicians in Washington D.C. or anywhere else for that matter.

…a tip of the hat to Michael Hurd who’s post I saw first and to the author Joel B. Pollak. I don’t know either of these gentlemen, but would like to. Pollak’s got the answer right below…thanks Joel…I am sharing your words on my blog sight via this link: http://www.breitbart.com/author/joel-b-pollak/.

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Get rid of London Mayor Sadiq Aman Khan!!!

…and here’s all the reasons you need to do it!!!

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Eric Holder gets $25,000 a month from California for consulting against Trump!

Guest Editorial by Shelley Hansen

Someone please explain to me how this asshat knows what the interests of “Californians” are considering he wasn’t born here and has never lived here???

Silly me, I’m sure the President of the California Senate, (Kevin de Léon (D-Los Angeles) with all the illegal family members living in California, has informed him what the rest of us should do.


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Judges wrong on Immigration!!!

…someone can correct me if I’m wrong on this…

The McCarran-Walter Act of 1952, as I read it, gives President Trump every right to declare a halt to immigration from countries that are deemed a danger to our (US citizens) safety and well-being. Before you correct me…please read below…



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