Hillary shoots herself in the head!!!

I really don’t think there is much more that needs to be said about her speech in NYC on September 9th…

…if she’s elected POTUS, Clinton will only represent those citizens who agree with her…the rest of us may well be put in detainment camps!!!

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Absolutely Dishonorable!!!

Kappernutty has just dishonored these men…and many, many others. I don’t care how many times he tries to explain it away or make excuses, I will not watch any of their games…buy any of their merchandise (or any other NFL team) or buy anything from any of their sponsors until the 49ers discharge or cut him.

49er QB's

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Senator Harry Reid says to “…give Trump fake briefings”!

Harry Reid-B

I used to be one very proud American. Proud of my country; proud of my President; proud of the elected officials and proud that I have done my part to continue to keep our country great. After hearing what Senior Democratic Senator and Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said to a CNN interviewer recently, I cannot seem to find those same words today.

Reid admits to telling the CIA that the they should give Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump “…fake briefings.” The man should be charged with treason and publically tried before all American citizens. And here is exactly what Reid said…



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Every Republican must watch this!!!

This ranks up there with is one of the best speeches yet in the race for President. I have been one of his tough critics, I also know a genuine speech when I hear it. Congratulations to Reince Priebus…you just hit a grand slam!


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Millennials Are Big SUCKERS!!!

Hey Millennials…have you learned your lesson yet? I doubt it! Your Uncle Bernie just screwed you all! All those small cash donations you sent in to Sanders Campaign…well…rejoice…he just purchased a $600,000 second home with 500 feet of Lake Champlain beachfront! We suspect that those $’s came from the “leftovers” of his presidential campaign coffers!

8-11-2016-Bernie Bruning

Just betcha you’ll turn from Bernie and vote for the Hildabeast! Learn something from all this BS…vote for honesty and Trump!

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Schlefy goes against Ryan’s re-election!

Staunch Republican conservative Phillis Schlafly has endorsed Speaker Paul Ryan’s opponent Paul Nehlen in next Tuesday’s Wisconsin primary election.

8-4-2016-Schlafly endorses



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Pat Caddell Blasts Reuters Polling!!!

…and here is what a long-time expert has to say about the Reuters News Service and their manipulation of recent polls…http://www.breitbart.com/2016-presidential-race/2016/07/30/exclusive-pat-caddell-blasts-reuters-back-rigging-polls-to-show-clinton-winning/

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