…Don’t Look Now, But the Yuan Is Right Behind US!!!

Our good friend Xi spent 3-4 days in Cambodia week before last and came away with an agreement with Hun Sen that his country would begin converting from the US dollar to the Chinese Yuan as their currency of record…and now THIS is today’s WSJ…

3-1-2023-WSJ Russia to Use Chinese Yuan-marked up.jpg

…All I can say is…the “Bonehead” in the white house never did have ANY sense about US foreign policy…and now with his mental facilities collapsing…and God-knows-who is actually running our country…my prediction just may come true: FJB will have us into WWIII before the ballots are cast in the 2024 election!!! Thank God we now have permission to establish “military bases” in the Philippines!!! Wonder when that dumb F’er will learn that “sanctions” are for the weak countries like Canada and Mexico!!!

Oh…and a little PS here…Russia has recently instituted a national conscript for all young people…can you say Hello WAR!!!

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