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American Taxpayer Bailing Out CHINA???

…Good Morning FRIENDS…NEW CONCERN…just a question…asked with very little research…but it seems to me…SVB’s failure is gonna have MASSIVE REPERCUSSIONS!!! It seems that SVB has/had more than 2,000 Chinese Accounts…and no less than three physical office locations in MAINLAND CHINA!!!…(full … Continue reading

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PG&E Continues to Apply for HIGHER RATES in California

ATTENTION in NOR CAL…Natural gas prices have recently dropped…but your PG&E charges are going to CONTINUE TO GO HIGHER…until customers PROTEST these rates. Attached is the latest PG&E Rate Increase Application public notice was published in ALL adjudicated newspapers.

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This is how things get changed in Kaleephorneeah

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…Don’t Look Now, But the Yuan Is Right Behind US!!!

Our good friend Xi spent 3-4 days in Cambodia week before last and came away with an agreement with Hun Sen that his country would begin converting from the US dollar to the Chinese Yuan as their currency of record…and now THIS is today’s … Continue reading

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