9-11 Disappointment!

If you didn’t know it, today is 9-11 or Patriot Day…a day to think back and honor those who died in the terrorist attacks in Pennsylvania, the Pentagon and of course the World Trade Center in NYC.

I am disappointed in my country. Why? Yesterday, the U.S. Senate maneuvered itself into a position that will allow Obama’s treaty with Iran to go forward unopposed by the legislature that represents the citizens of the United States even though a majority of the citizens are against it.

Disappointment also greeted me on this solemn day when I went outside to raise my American flag in honor of those who died in the attack and those who died trying to save as many lives as possible. In a neighborhood of 12 residential homes, I was just the second one to raise my flag. What an awfully unfulfilled feeling it left me. Of the houses on my block, I know there are nine U.S. Military Veterans living in those homes. It seems to me, even those Veterans have forgotten why they served; I haven’t!

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