The Senate’s Critical Vote On The Iran Treaty

Over the past few days, the headlines are screaming that BO has secured the needed Senate votes that will insure passage of his Iran deal. This is interesting since “Overall, 52% (of Americans polled) say Congress should reject the deal. This is just one more example of Washington politicians voting with their asses and not representing their constituents.

Has our democracy run aground? You bet it has. The biggest problem facing the American people now, is how much more damage to our system of government will occur before a new POTUS will be sworn in and starts to reverse the carnage of the last two presidential terms. I sure hope we can make it that far.

Take a good look at what is happening in the U.S. Congress. Those pledging their support of the Iran deal are 41 Democrats. One Senator is yet undecided and those who say they will vote against it are 58 Senators who are all Republicans and includes four Democrats. But that ain’t enough to override a Presidential Veto; that action will take 60 votes. Take a look for yourself (

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2 Responses to The Senate’s Critical Vote On The Iran Treaty

  1. Shelley says:

    Yesterday Bill and I watched a documentary on Jones Town. You remember ol’ Jim Jones? With regularity, we would turn and look at each other in amazement, each drawing the same parallels to who and how our government is currently being run. The same parallels for the DNC candidates blabbing about taking care of our citizens. Scary shit to say the least. I pray history does not repeat itself because it won’t be 909 people drinking or being injected with the koolaid, it will be millions. Jim Jones didn’t even have the courage to drink with his followers…..someone shot him in the head. Just a thought.

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  2. The Domain says:

    Greetings! Very helpful advice in this particular article! It’s the little changes which will make the largest changes. Many thanks for sharing!

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