Trump Did Right By Signing Republican Agreement…I Hope!

OK…maybe I was wrong being against Trump signing the Republican loyalty agreement. I don’t know any Repub, at least out here in Wackyland (Kaleephorneeah), that I would trust further than I could throw a house! They all seem to be phony politicians after just as much corrupt money as they can put their grubby little hands on.
I sincerely hope Trump got it right with Priebus and the RNC and I hope they understood what it will mean if they cross him.
With all my might, I urge every Conservative to get out there and register to vote and then vote for Trump!
Hillary is on the ropes and the Dems appear to be scared to death that if she fails, they will have no one else to push up to the level of POTUS…and for cripes sake…if anyone really believes the Bernie Sanders is presidential material…God help you brother! Sanders is an admitted Socialist…look it up…believe it…and then run like hell away from him!!!

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