The Prejudice “News” Coming Out of CNN!

Let me state that CNN appears to be making every effort possible to keep the emotional fires roaring around the civil disobedience that took place several days ago in Ferguson, Mo. They continue to run and rerun the film clips of the city burning out of control late on Monday night. They are fanning the flames quite vigorously through interviews with the Brown’s family attorney Benjamin Crump, makes some of the most outlandish and false statements about how he and his clients view the findings of the Ferguson Grand Jury investigation and subsequent determination.

At one time, I respected CNN for it’s coverage of news events, but their coverage has turned bias editorials; maybe even more prejudice than that on MSNBC. Unless you are a black, left-wing radical, tune in to CNN and you’ll see exactly what is being broadcast as news. OMG! Never thought I would see yellow journalism, no make that red journalism rise to these heights or more correctly, sink to these lows.

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