Furguson: Justice was served

I wasn’t going to comment on the Furguson Grand Jury decision, but after watching the reaction the people in Furguson, cities around the country and the comments of many black leaders, I do have a few words to say. First, it is sad to see once again, a city get torn up by the reactions of black people. I am old enough to remember and with a good amount of detail, the riots in the Watts district of L.A. a half century ago. It is sad that here we are more than 49 years later with our country headed by a black man, and our racial problems are even worse!

What I hear black leaders saying is that there was no justice because the Furguson Grand Jury did not find evidence enough to support five possible charges against officer Darron Wilson in the shooting death of 18 year old Michael Brown. Hey people! There was
justice and our legal system worked even though it seems to have not satisfy the court of black public opinion.

Last, one continuing mistake most of the reporting press continues to make is describing Brown as is a “teenager”. He was in fact a full size man standing 6-ft., 4-inches tall and weighing in at nearly 300 lbs.

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2 Responses to Furguson: Justice was served

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    PW: Ithought the Ferguson prosecutor made a good attempt last night to state thatonly the Grand Jury heard and saw all the evidence, but to no avail and thatisn’t a shock.  Every citizen of thiscountry is entitled to their opinion, but it’s just that-not fact. There is ahuge difference between emotion and fact. No matter which one you choose to embrace, there is no excuse fortearing apart a town. The President and the media are to blame for thissituation and the millions it will and has cost to restore peace in Missouri.Justice was served; the Grand Jury did their job. The militants need to go tojail. Shelley Hansen 

  2. …and it ain’t over yet!!!

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