Civil War II

Received a disturbing note from a friend recently and the part of his statement that was concerning was his reference to “…the coming Civil War”. Unfortunately, I also believe a large disturbance may very well be coming soon and will probably by a black vs. white conflict. At the same time, I also wonder which side the browns and yellows will fight for. It might also be strongly suggested that the blacks should get themselves much better armed than they are now. Throwing tear gas back, rocks, bottles and frantically firing a poor quality Saturday Night specials just ain’t gonna get it.
Right now, I’m feeling that the fuse’s of these angry white citizens is mighty, mighty short. I hope and pray that this coming civil war will not take place. If it does, our enemies, that include the world’s Muslim population, will descend on this country in a heartbeat and snatch it away while we are engaging each other in a hate war called the United States Civil War II. And it won’t be very civil at all.
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