Hagel Fired…and you can bet on that!

OMG…Good Monday morning…ya all! Hagel is gone! Or should we say he got fired and should I go further and state that he was fired by Valeria Jarrett the shrew of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. She is definitely running the show and is fast turning the White House administration into a real side show! Not that Hagel was much good as Secretary of Defense, the real rot and I hate to say this…are the women occupying high ranking positions of BO’s administration. Makes me wonder who the heck is really the “chief” in the White House. It’s my bet that Michele Flournoy will get the replacement nod. Can you say an “All Girls Club”…which is not a reference to gender, only to the lack of intelligent people which are sorely missing in the current management team! Are we getting a preview of what a “Hillary” Presidency will look and act like???

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