More on the Queen of Stupid!

Just wondering how many recall what the Queen of Stupid, Nanzy Peelohzee said in mid-September? Oh please, let me refresh your memory… “civilization as we know it would be in jeopardy if the Republican Party recaptures control of the US Senate…”. Well, guess what? The voters spoken and the DD’s (that’s Dumb Democrats) are out on their azzes. Trust me! There will be more gone at the conclusion of the 2016 elections because of yesterday’s vote on the Keystone Pipeline. We can only hope and pray the Mizz Ignoramus will be one of them standing on the corner selling pencils from her unemployment cup!

And here’s a little eye-opener for Mizz Peelohzee. Your boss is and will continue to be the reason our country and the world will never be the same. This man, who after six years we know very little about, continues to poke his finger in the eye of the American People while disrespecting our long-time allies around the world. Case-in-point: BO’s weak, timid and quite disrespectful comments about the murders of American-Israeli rabbis in their synagogue at the hands of the Palestine terrorists. Guess you really can’t fix stupid or the King and Queen of it!

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