November 21, 2014: A very sad day in the United States of America

After last evening and sometime today in Las Vegas, what can we…any of us really do to wrestle our country back? The POTUS is on a rampage now and will be for the next two years! He found out when he forced Obamacare down our throats and got confirmation from the U.S. Supreme Court, that he could most anything and no one could stop him.

In my opinion…which doesn’t mean shit along with those of the members of congress…here is what POTUS did last night. By making the executive moves he outlined and will sign today, he has effectively set the agenda for the new 2015 congress. Now, rather than starting right out in January with the dismantling Obamacare, they will spend months and months, maybe years trying without any success to stop his illegal immigration law changes…which I will call “Obamagration”.

Thus congress will again get mostly nothing done. Coupled with the fact that those men and women will once again be afraid to impeach this POTUS and be just as fearful in cancelling the funding and bring the country to a financial halt, again nothing will get accomplished.

A friend tells me that there are only two choices remaining now…1) a Constitution Convention or 2) a complete and bloody revolution. I’m not sure I agree with having only these choices, but I have little confidence that the members of congress will present us with alternative solutions. Further, I have no confidence that even with the conservative pols who were just elected, that they can any workable solutions that will stop BO’s imperial takeover.

POTUS has set a very, very dangerous precedent in that whoever comes to the oval in the future, can and probably will do just about whatever they wish. Don’t like a law…issue and executive order changing or cancelling it. The effectiveness of congress may well be dead now and forever and with it  the U.S. Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, the U.S. Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all of the Amendments that followed.

The really frightening thing about what he has done is that now he has set the stage to “pardon” each and every illegal immigrant…probably upwards of 15 million illegals lurking in the shadows. By issuing mass pardons, the slate will be wiped clean and there will be nothing that anyone can ever do to change it.

Never, ever, in my wildest dreams did I think that I would see one human being change the U.S.A. from a democratic republic to an outright dictatorship right before my eyes. But, BO has done that without a shot being fired or any real blood being shed. I can now hear Jefferson, Washington, Madison, Franklin and the rest of the founding fathers turning over in their graves and saying “all is lost”…so very sad.

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  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    BO has certainly thrown down the gauntlet and waved the red cape in front of congress. This was a power play as you know. The scariest part of this is last night he simply gave a speech. We really have no idea what the hell is in his mandate. Guess you have to pass it to know what’s in it. And worse yet, he doesn’t cRe what citizens want or think. He’s a dictator. He makes me want to puke.

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