The Keystone unemployment phenomenon

I’m guessing that after yesterday’s Keystone vote in the Senate, most of those DD’s (that’s Dumb Democrats) come re-election time, will be looking for a job. They would be the blockheads who voted “no” on the Keystone Pipeline. You’ll see that start with Mary Landrieu…she knows she’s now headed for the unemployment line in just a few weeks. Louisiana will have a new Republican Senator come January!

Only buffoons believe the B.S. arguments against building the pipeline. The BO Whitehorse has had nearly six years to evaluate this project and POTUS keeps shoving it off on his State Department! The government’s own Keystone EI study states that a pipeline would have much less negative environmental  impact than transporting the oil by truck or rail. Oh…BTW who does own most of the railroad lines and cars for transporting that oil…well it might be a surprise to some; BO’s friend and huge contributor, none other than one of the wealthiest men in the world, Warren Buffet!

Now, are there any more real questions about why this huge pipeline project has not and will not be approved until the Republicans take over?

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