Open letter to talk show host Dr. Bill Bennett

This is a statement for radio talk show host and former Secretary of Education, Dr. Bill Bennett.

Jesus H. Christ Bill, you have a national audience and you chose to pillow talk with fathers who ball their eyes out at their daughter’s weddings. OMG man! Wake up! 26 year old Peter Kassig was beheaded over the weekend by the beasts at ISIS in the middle east and you don’t have much to say about it or at least much of anything that’s meaningful. Your sharpness of anger over this and the previous three beheading atrocities, couldn’t slice through warm butter. What if one of those beheaded was your son?

This makes four prisoners from the West who have been murdered in THE most violent way. I urge you to get off your fluffy easy chair and use your public pulpit to get the American people fired up enough to force the spineless U.S. government to take real action over these human violations. These ISIS animals do not want to get along with anyone from outside their irrelevant muslim faith.

While I’m at it, you Bill Bennett are partly to blame for this lethargic state we find our country in today. You were Secretary of Education during the Reagan administration, so to a large extent, it was under your watch, our schools were allowed and encouraged to teach love, tolerance and understanding of other cultures. In many cases you and others like you allowed history to be altered to fit the moronic teaching paths that are continuing today in our schools and colleges. And in doing this, you have allowed anarchism to blossom and distort what freedom really means in this country and around the world.

Again, I urge you either get off the radio and allow someone with much more fire in their intent and who really understands how dangerously close we are to losing our freedom, to fill those hours of drivel you produce daily.

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