A Half Truth on Employment

Must give credit where it’s due. My local left leaning rag, got it right for once stating in their editorial that “there are two sides to everything.” They were referring to the “spin” the BO administration gave to the recently released June jobs report…“recovery accelerating…strong hiring…US adds 288K jobs”. The editorial pointed out that the numbers that were not part of any headlines were that part time jobs jumped to 27 million in June and that “American shed more than half a million full time jobs while creating 800,000 part-time jobs and a big part of the reason that the unemployment rate continues to drop is because more people just quit looking for work.” I also heard that if one is told a lie three times, most will accept it as the truth…do you think BO knows this too?

Read somewhere in the last 48-hours that the US will end up the year with 3.4 percent growth. My prediction…(and I’m no Milton Friedman): the US economy will continue to wane and finish the year at something around half that…probably somewhere in the area of 1.3%, but definitely under two percent! And you can take this to the bank…BO will be very surprised and blame it all on the Republicans!

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