Holder is the Racist!

First, I will make full disclosure here. I did not vote for BO in either of the last two presidential elections. That was not because of any “racial animus” as AG Holder called it recently, but because I believed the opposing candidate was a better choice. However, my thoughts once BO was elected were…what a great opportunity for the first mixed race president to LEAD the greatest country in the world to more great achievements…including peace. The great “Leader” I thought would emerge, has not surfaced in nearly six tumultuous years. If that is being a racist, then I am. But despite that, I know I am “animusly” disappointed.

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2 Responses to Holder is the Racist!

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    In another lifetime, I held the position of Assistant Controller and EEO (equal employment opportunity) officer for the largest reinforcing steel contractor in northern Calif. A large portion of my job was to complete and file employment statistics to the State as well as the Feds. How many women, Pacific Islanders, Blacks, etc. each month that were on my payroll. If our company did not meet the contract stipulated ratios (quota) there was hell to pay. Now these ratios (quotas) were supposed to be based on the demographics of the area in which the job was located.

    For months I was required to attend a meeting in Richmond (off Cutting Blvd, no less) to personally present my reports to CalTrans, the Feds and a local council of residents. Month after month I took a verbal beating because I didn’t have enough Blacks or women on my crews. I do believe that, at that time, some of the CalTrans people may have had some comprehension of what the job of a rod buster (iron worker) was. But it was clear that the Feds and the local council thought I was a racist employer. SO…..I invited this group of Black women out to one of our jobs to personally see and understand what my company did. And because I am smarter than the average bear, I did this during the summer heat on a job smack dab in the middle of Hwy 680 in Pleasanton. I wanted these women to experience the whole banana of heat, noise, traffic and more and they did. Our next meeting had a different tone to it. They now understood the job my company did. They now understood that even though my company would pay the union initiation fees to join the union, no one in their right mind would do this job. I was no longer viewed as the racist white woman.

    My point is this-a person can spout their crap for only so long because eventually someone will step up and show the ignorance of the rhetoric. I believe that with each passing day of Holder and B.O.B.’s spewing of rhetoric the public is becoming tired of it. I don’t believe Washington can fix the ills of this country now because they are too wrapped up in the same crap. I believe the people will have to solve the problem. I only hope that voting is enough of a message.

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