Guest Comment from Shelley

Wow, I’ve got to hand it to ol’ B.O.B., he has played this hand brilliantly!  How is that you ask-well, by flooding the country with children from other countries and then demanding $$ to handle the situation (all the while knowing that the House would NOT fork over the dough), he has in one fell swoop, again, pointed out that the Republicans are a bunch of do-nothing, mean, evil people.  AND the Republicans are sitting back and letting him do so.  Amazing and foolish. I want to scream: “Is there no one in the House that actually has a set of stones to stand and cry foul?” Saul Alinsky is proud! 
Now I’m no political genius, but I called this one last week.  If, as a lowly little voting citizen, I can see this coming…..where the hell is Congress?
EDITOR: Where is our leadership?
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  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    I’m honored. Thank you.

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