Told You So…CA. Gasoline Going Through The Roof!

Told you so back on June 19th! And now here is more for you to haul around in your donkey cart that you pull around just to pay your taxes. Kalephorneeahans in particular should take note. The Cap-‘n-Trade law that you recently passed known as AB 32, is gonna getcha! And getcha good it will! Observers and experts estimate that the states gasoline prices will rise between 49¢ to $1.83 per gallon! Combining that with the fact that CA’s gasoline prices are generally a half a buck higher than the rest of the country…thanks mostly to the environmental idiots who force us to “blend” more oxygen into each gallon of gas for six months out of the year. Add to this the proposed 12¢ or so a gallon federal tax increase and how does $5.50 to $6.00+ a gallon for fuel sound? That would be about $120 to fill up you tank! The only way to fix this is to get these tree-hugging lawmakers out of office thus getting the government out of the business of taxing for profit…or taxing for poverty!

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1 Response to Told You So…CA. Gasoline Going Through The Roof!

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    Yep, but by God, we’re gonna save the environment…..from what? Fake science and trumped up statistics. And while I’m at it, B.O.B. Just blamed the current influx of illegal children on Bush. For the love of God grow up.

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