Migrants? What Is A Migrant?

I must be thicker than I thought. Just read that a crowd of “protesters” blocked and turned back three buses loaded with “migrants” being transferred to a “processing center” in Murrieta near San Diego. Throughout the AP article…which btw…has no author, the “wetback” illegal’s are referred to as “migrants”. These people are not MIGRANTS! They are illegals who crossed into the U.S. without permission…they have broken the laws of this country. Migrants are people, usually adults who used to migrate legally and temporarily from place to place to find work…look up: Bracero (1942-1964). Since the federal government won’t enforce the immigration laws, hurray for those hearty protesters…bet there’s more to come!

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1 Response to Migrants? What Is A Migrant?

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    The person in the White House and his minions will grant all illegals amnesty in the coming weeks. The fact that the federal government would not pass on health information to the mayor of Murrieta is incredible and very telling of the plan. He or one of his minions will announce late One night,east coast time, what he deems necessary. No congressional approval and public opinion be damned. He and the likes of Nancy and Harry have crowned him king. And let’s not forget that he has his cellphone and a pen meaning he doesn’t even have to leave the people’s house. “If I say it then let it be done!”

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