Message to the head RINO’s…Ryan & McConnell


…WTF is the matter with you RINO’s in Washington DC??? My God men…can’t you stand behind a fellow Republican until the accusers produce “any” PROOF that there is guilt? WTF is the matter with you people…are you so dammed blind you cannot see what is going on?

At the VERY LEAST…this “supposed incident” was 47 dammed years ago…can you remember details like she (the accuser) claims to THAT far back??? WOW…I am done with the RETARDED RINO Party…go home you are a poor excuses for anything even resembling a leaders…of anything!

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2 Responses to Message to the head RINO’s…Ryan & McConnell

  1. bigbossogg says:

    I want to know why Lumpy McConnell
    is trying Judge Roy *in absentia*, without even the benefit of his lawful due process.
    And threatening to nott seat Judge Moore if he does win? That would bring about a serious situation in the Senate.

    • Bigbossogg…my guess would be that NONE of the “Trump Haters” will do ANYTHING to help him out! If Judge Roy loses…the Libtards will win another one…Repubs are eating themselves. What I DON’T UNDERSTAND…is that Trump hired McConnell’s wife to be Transportation Secretary…can you spell “leaks”. DT needs to clean house ABSOLUTELY…clean sweep…that means EVERYBODY!!!

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