California has a Brown King!!!

Brown Commie

CA. SB-1 New Gasoline/Fuel TAX

Brownie didn’t go after anything that the VOTERS didn’t give him the power to do. That’s kinda clunky, but the VOTERS in CA., for several years now, have continued to put Democrats in the legislature…and guess what? In 2016…he got his Democratic SUPER MAJORITY. And what does that mean…it means he can do just about ANYTHING he wants…as the “Demorats” will carry his water…just as they did with SB-1 back in April (and where were the Republicans? They were being RINOS!). Think about this next time you VOTE…for either party!!! Democracy DOES NOT work correctly when there is a SUPER MAJORITY…just like a KING…and it called a MONARCHY!!!

And BTW…all this tax money is going right into the General Fund…never, ever to be seen again until it’s time for Brownie to pay for his “Train To Nowhere”!

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