GOP PAC Dirty Tricks Already Underway In California

4-15-2016-Trump-Every Vote Counts

The PAC dirty tricks are well underway here in Kaleephorneeah. A friend received this email message here in NorCal on Tuesday from political sleazeman and hack Rob Stutzman of the VictoryCalifornia PAC. I urge you not to donate one penny to these crud balls. And if you are not a registered Republican in California, do so ASAP (you have until May 23rd to register or re-register) so that your voice through your vote can be heard by these political outlaws and “We The People” can help Donald Trump achieve the Republican party Presidential nomination.

This is what these PAC sleazeballs are up to…

Sent from my Verizon Wireless 4G LTE smartphone
< br><br>——– Original message ——–<br>From: “Rob Stutzman, Victory California” <> <br>Date: 4/12/2016  12:04 PM  (GMT-08:00) <br>To: OR <XXXXXXX> <br>Subject: Surely you’ve heard <br><br>
Victory California PAC
OR —

Surely by now you’ve heard that California will be ground zero in the final battle for the Republican nomination for president.

But here’s the real problem… recent polls show Donald Trump leading among California Republicans.

The race is tight, but if we don’t act now and and throw all our resources behind another candidate like Ted Cruz, Trump could win California and the nomination.

A Donald Trump nomination means a Hillary Clinton presidency – simple as that.

With less than 9 weeks until the Primary Election, we need all hands on deck to flip this race and ensure Donald Trump doesn’t even have the chance to hand this race to the Clintons.

OR, can I count on you to make an emergency donation of $15 right now to help Victory California PAC stop Trump once and for all here in California?

>> CHIP IN $15 NOW >>

Not in over 50 years has California played such a key role in the Republican Presidential Primary.

But this year, the candidates will be campaigning up and down the state, in every congressional district, fighting for every single vote.

This our moment. And we can’t allow the land of Ronald and Nancy Reagan to become the state that handed Donald Trump the keys to the Republican Party.

But if everyone receiving this email would chip in just $15, our campaign would have the resources and momentum we need to finally put an end to the Trump campaign.

We only have one shot at this OR, and if the race were today Trump would win – and we would all lose.

We can’t allow this to happen. But only conservative leaders like you can do something about it.

Please don’t hesitate, chip in $15 or more today and help Victory California PAC rally California Republicans around Ted Cruz show Donald Trump what our movement is really about!

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