It’s All Just Political Payola from the Media Mob!

4-14-2016-Panama Papers_A

Wondering if anyone else has had about had enough B.S. that has squirted from the mouths of the media mob and the “Establishment Pols” over the last eight months? I sure have!

All I hear these days is stop Trump…derail Trump…Trump is bad! Frankly folks, all this negativity just makes me and many people I know hang on tighter to the Trump Train.

If you look real close, there’s a simple common thread that runs through all of the so-called conservative media and the politicians. It’s plain and simple to see once you’ve acknowledged that it is the money that makes everything in the world work. For the Establishment Pols, the Media Mob and many world leaders it’s the fear of losing it, finding out who has the most of it, who’s hiding it, who stole it, who’s obligated to pay it back and who’s losing the opportunity to get more and more of it!

Now, why are all these power “pulpit people” so intent on making sure Donald Trump does not become a bonafide presidential candidate. Well, below may just give some insight into the ramped fear that coursing through the veins of the Establishment Politicians, the Media Mob and many of the Billionaire fat cats who control the politicians.

The efforts to squash Trump have intensified over the past two week. My bet is that it’s what happened on Sunday, April 3, 2016. A little heard of, but very well known in the circles of the above money folks, is a law firm way south of here who got their files hacked and exposed to the world. Not just a few clients and their secret files, but files dating from 1977 through 2015 for at least 214,000 off-shore shell companies with links so far to 140 politicians. In all, more than 11.5 million files (2.6 Terabytes of Data) from the law firm of Mossack Fonseca in Panama have been exposed to the world. This has a lot of them running very scared and I’m guessing there’s lots more to come!

I keep running across information about several of the politicians and supposed conservative media mouth’s. To sight just a few, everybody’s good ’ol pal Bill Bennett who by the way just slid off the stool at his long running Morning In America radio program, has stated that “there isn’t much that I don’t say that I don’t get paid for.” I guarantee that he doesn’t like (and is afraid of) Trump!

According to the Daily Beast there’s that that somewhat loud mouthed Mark Levin who recently sold $427,000 worth a book he wrote four years ago to the Senate Conservatives Fund (SCF), who targets Establishment Republican Senators; they will make gifts of this old essay to those folks and of course Levin actively supports their efforts from his underground pulpit somewhere in the east! Levin is a real Trump basher too!

These and many, many others pummel Trump almost 24-7 these days. So what do you think…it’s time to stop and ask them this question…What is so wrong with Donald Trump as POTUS? He has accomplished much in his life and raised a good family and made the same mistakes every one of us has made at least once. If Trump is not elected President, we will surly sink back into the dark abyss of SOS…different day. The little guy will continue to get taken advantage of. Small business startups will continue to decline and those employed will continue to carry the increasingly larger burden for those who are lazy and will just continue to live off the “dole”.

Trump knows how to fix many of these problems and even though he is not an experienced politician, he is a very experienced leader and doer! He’s not going to please everyone, but he will protect and promote all U.S. citizens. Let’s give him a chance to prove he can do it! The alternative choices have already proven they can’t and won’t do it!

9-23-2015-Trump Banner

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