America! Take A Close Look At Baltimore!

Hey is there anybody at home in our government today? What a clusterf–k last night in Baltimore! And today does not look to be much better. Does it bother anyone else to see the police in full retreat? Not that I’m “all in” for the cops, but me thinks a choice has to be made here…allow the gangs and anarchists to have free reign or protect us citizens. Probably should pause here and get a clue from the social situations in other countries particularly those in the Middle East and of course Mexico. Then make your choice.

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1 Response to America! Take A Close Look At Baltimore!

  1. shelleyhansen2003 says:

    I have a question. Gray was no saint, but when the cops approached him, was he walking and behaving normal? How did his spine get severed? There is no excuse for what’s going on. The mayor is a douche.  I believe if you do the crime you do the time, but police brutality is also unacceptable  too. Will we ever know? And are the injured cops white?  

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