Chris Wallace’s Sunday Soup Is Sour!

Right off the top Chris…you are a huge disappointment. I tuned in to your Sunday morning program on FOX News yesterday (4-26-2015) to learn something more about “Uraniumgate” (my word) from your interviews with Peter Schweizer and Lanny Davis.

Well Chris, you have successfully destroyed any credibility you might have gained over the years and most of the respect from me as a journalist. You hosted these interviews as though you still had a buzz on from the correspondent’s dinner the night before.

First, you never asked Schweizer where his proof was. You only touched on it briefly when you mentioned that the NY Times said even they didn’t have proof of the allegations…just lots of circumstantial items that might fall into the “gray area”. It was interesting to me that for the most part, you let Schweizer off the hook on substantiating the charges against the Clinton’s in his book. For the most part, it was just another book promotion “infomercial”; what a disappointment both of you were and are.

Then the icing on the cake came a few minutes later with your “interview” with Lanny Davis. This guy is and always has been a liar and he successfully did not answer your questions and stepped around anything that even appeared to be in the gray area for the Clinton’s. While we waited on the edges of our chairs, for you to pounce on him, you just looked down and let him slip off the hook. Mostly you explained because “we’ve been friends for a long time.” What a absolute load of crap Chris. You just proved to me and probably many across the Nation that you really are nothing more than just another incredibly inept Sunday Talking Head. It wouldn’t surprise me if you and Lanny went out after the show and had a couple of “pops” at the local watering hole; what an utter disappointment!

My suggestion: Continue to write more “Sunday Soups” books with your wife…the recipes are delicious, but your journalism skills lack any taste at all.

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