Driving Lessons for Illegal Aliens!

Sometimes I think I’m the only one in the world who things this stuff stinks and is totally unfair. Yesterday, 1.4 (est.) illegal aliens (non-citizens for those that don’t get it) got the “right” to apply for their Kaleephorneehia driver’s license. Reading press accounts of how happy these illegal’s are, one thing that stuck out was that they could now afford cheaper insurance. I was unaware that auto insurance was even available to someone without a driver’s license. And for icing on the cake, the DMV, who most of the time can’t hit their asses with both hands, hired 900+ new “no-hitters” to take care to the influx of illegal alien applicants!

Speaking of driving…and I am a 54-year legal CA. driver and I started my 2015 off with a 3rd place (Semi’s) Sportsman class finish at the Sacramento Drag Strip on New Year’s Day. Any illegal’s that need driving lessons can contact me for an appointment; I will teach you how to drive fast for just $350 an hour…if no CA. license, it’s $500 an hour plus insurance! NO speak-ah-de-Spanish either! Boinees nocheezz!

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