Memories are very short!

Someone said to me…“The NYC mayor and police chief can take their fascist nonsense to Russia or North Korea if the people expressing the will of the people upsets them so much.”

My response…let me get this straight… your telling me that the “protesters” are “people expressing the will of the people”? So, taking that a step further, you would say then that Al Sharpton and his ilk speak the “will of the people” as well? Here’s a simple solution for ya and it’s probably already in motion to some degree in this country; Rope off the high crime areas and let ’ol “Sharpie” and those “expressing folks” find their own peace and justice without any interference from the bad ‘ol cops. By ignoring those high crime areas of our cities, the police forces will have more time to do peace and safety keeping duties in other locations where they are appreciated. Guess maybe you have forgotten 911 and who most of the first responders were!

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