Illegal Immigrants treated better than our own homeless!

I told you! The ink isn’t even dry on the new $3.9 trillion spending budget and BO isn’t wasting one minute of his time in turning the U.S.A into a third world country. What a slap in the face to America’s legitimate homeless. BO has built a new detention center in Texas with 80 small furnished cottages that include flat screen TV’s and surrounded by newly laid sod that wait for the onslaught of illegal immigrant mothers with children expected to soon cross the southern borders an take up residence in the U.S. The daily cost to taxpayers for housing a family of illegal “wetbacks” is a mere $300; that’s right and my math reveals that is $110,000 a year…and is more than I earn as an employed tax paying legal citizen. Mister President, where the fuck is this money coming from?


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