“News” Media need another name!!!

This is further to my rant about the news media. Gawd how I wish there was another word to better describe the “news media”…because they are not news people…they ain’t even close. The final image I saw last evening on my TV screen which is luckily still in tact, was that of some white guy (a full grow’d man) throwing his skateboard through big plate glass window in downtown “Berzerkeley”…and that’s called protesting…gimme a frickin break! And The Obama has announced he will have a “national discussion” about race? What the F does this have to do with race or for that matter, police brutality. Wonder if I could help set the ground rules for that discussion? The first one would be: no teleprompters!

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  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    PW: Well, it’s Mondaymorning and time for a weekend review. Rioting across the country created andfueled by Al Sharpton/Obama/Holder.  Alldone in the name of “Justice” while innocentpeople are being hurt and having their businesses destroyed. But I guess if you’rea rioter, that’s okay for you.  And nowwe have the newly created crisis of the Intelligence Report being released. Ifa president actually cared about the impact of such a report, wouldn’t youthink that they might release it quietly (if they are required to do so by law)or just keep your damn mouth shut and hold onto it? But no!  This bunch is whipping up the press andpublic before anyone knows what’s in it. Very few of us know military strategyregarding Gitmo and we certainly are not privy to the reasons these haters ofAmericans weren’t charged.  And you knowwhat? I don’t care.  They are notAmerican citizens and are not protected under The Constitution

    Bob, this is my post for POBB today. Shelley Hansen 

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