Who knew?

Man! When you think it just can’t get any worse, BO finds a way to make things a whole lot worse. It is now being reported by reliable media that a whole bunch of people knew about the planned Bergdahl swap with the Taliban…EXCEPT of course anyone in the U.S. Congress! Scores of Qatar Government officials knew about it and it’s reported that more than 50 people in the White House knew that the illegal swap was coming down…and it may be that even Hillary Clinton was told a week prior to the exchange. But BO will never admit to that one! This is egregious! When is congress (and American) going to reign this self anointed King BO!!!

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1 Response to Who knew?

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    And worse yet, Hillary essentially said Ambassador Stevens caused his own death-seems to be okay with some AND now the 5 “detainees” aren’t a danger to the U.S.- seems to be okay with some AND BO is acting irritated that the Iraq military is surrendering to the terrorist leader he supported the release of in another deal. I have an idea….let’s send Hillary and Michelle over to settle this little problem. Their backup can be BO. Bwahaha!

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