The best defense!

Suggestion to all you Repubs out there…first…quit crying about Cantor…he cooked his own goose. If he wants to stay in politics, let him run for dog catcher in Farmville! Second: cancel the 2016 presidential convention (no city has even been selected yet) you’ll save a huge amount of valuable time and lots of money…and probably a ton of bad press as well. Select Chris Christy as your candidate right now so he can immediately begin beating the hell out of the former first lady…she’s so vulnerable! And here’s an old but good adage: The best defense is a good (strong and early) offence…Get to it now or we’ll be saddled with the Loony Left until 2024!!!

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2 Responses to The best defense!

  1. Shelley Hansen says:

    I wish and hope someone listens!!

  2. So do I…but…I think we’re on the lean side of the mountain on this. As most will say…it ain’t my Ox that got gored!

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