This is NOT my Father’s Country-Part I!

This really should be written on Father’s Day. But it can’t wait! The U.S.A. has been transformed and “changed” by a group of Liberal politicians into what is almost unrecognizable. The United States, mostly until 2008, was a recognizable and mostly without debate the world leader in most categories of the civilized world; not perfect mind you, but pretty darn good.

Now we have something other than “My Father’s Country” and at this moment, I have no word that describes it. I will eventually come up with a descriptive word that will become this country such as it is.

Let’s take a look at why today’s U.S.A. is not anything that my father would recognize. And in doing this exercise, we’ll look mostly at the last four years of management. The first thing that comes to mind is that in one year ago to the day, we lost our long-held AAA credit rating (Standard & Poor’s)! Even jolly ‘ol England continues to maintain a AAA credit rating. For one year now, the U.S.A. has been rated AAa with a negative outlook. Slipping from the highest rating offered, we are now in the company of Austria, France and the Isle of Man. No longer at the top of the heap, countries that are considered a better investment risk than the U.S.A. are England, Canada, Germany, Australia, Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong and the Netherlands just to mention a few.

Oh yes…some of you will say the Obama administration inherited this situation from the Bush years. But you know, if that excuse were to be used in the “real world” private sector, that CEO or “Manager” would be on the street looking for another job before you could blink!

So why was BO’s contract extended by voters for another four years? That question has been on the lips of many, many voters since November 8th and it is pretty easy to answer.

When you give people something they think is for no cost to themselves, you lead them right into the voting booth like lambs to the slaughter. Little do they know they will pay a very high price for those Presidential “gifts” given to them over the past four years.

What gifts did he give out you might ask? Well, let’s start with health care for “students” until they reach age 26. That’s a very big “gift”! Assuming a person graduates from high school at age 18, they would then attain a baccalaureate degree in four years or at age 22. Extending another two years for most masters degrees, that makes the “student” well educated at age 24! Then why the extra two years? One can only guess it was BO’s way of “over-gifting” for votes!

The next gift from Santa BO was “Affordable” health care…but that’s a subject for a future installment of Not My Father’s Country.

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