Faith in my fellow human plummets!

Those who know me personally, will know the situations I speak about. Others will need to rely on the fact that it is a true event and learn something from it. Over the recent few weeks, people who were very special to me, shocked me to the bone!

Several individuals whom I had placed my devoted and nearly blind faith in, revealed themselves to be weak and afraid and not people I would ever choose to have next to me in a foxhole. These people know who they are and should hang their heads in shame. They succumbed to fear! These individuals should have known better as well. They professed they were not only solid in their conservative faith, they were unbending loyal friends as well. I will repeat a saying that someone said to me recently “Just because someone is friendly, does not mean they are a friend.” For many, many years, I have had very few friends, but they are really good ones! I subscribe to the Pareto Principle as well and that alone limits the availability of people who I can bestow that responsibility on. Yes, that’s correct. It is a responsibility to be my friend. It is a position that must be continually earned and never assumed or demanded. Doing so, will have lasting rewards.

Generally, these people of fear are the very similar to the ones who helped the conservative movement fail miserably in the recent election for the same reasons. Once again, all should bow their heads in shame. The conservative movement in this country is mortally wounded and probably will not survive. And maybe it should not survive…at least with the core values that it currently has. Maybe new core value should start with “I will fight fear and intimidation with loyalty and truth.”

One last message particularly to young citizens of this country: Don’t make the mistake that past generations have made. Place your faith and patriotism in something other than the U.S.A. It is no longer the great republic it was designed to be. Why would any person want to be involved with any part of the military in this country? You have not and will not fight for “freedom.” Freedom is the carrot that politicians hold out in front of the “sheeple” of the U.S.A. when needed. And for those that think I am being unpatriotic, ask yourself this question: After the recent election, are you still happy that you “fought for freedom” in the U.S. military and for this country…oh and that you fought for the Constitution?

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