Govt. gets “F” grade for Covid-19 K-12 school mandates

This report appeared in the WSJ today (12-28-2022). And sadly, I have not heard it mentioned even once on ANY of today’s “news” media or social media posts…of course I cannot watch the Clown News Network or the MickeyMouSe Opinion Media!!!

Our schools, just like most of the rest of the country and the WORLD…are marching to the One World Order…soon to be known as ONE VERY STUPID ORDER!!!

THIS kinda crapola…makes me that much more ANGRY about the recent passage of various multi-million dollar school district facilities bonds!!!

We really MUST start to work HARD NOW to prevent any further school bond measures to pass…OR salary increases for teachers or STAFF!!! Until “they” prove TO US that they can educate our children well and correctly!

Maybe…this article should be read into the record at the next public SCHOOL DISTRICT board meeting?

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