Fairfield-Suisun School District School Bond Measure S RECOUNT

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Let’s Look At The REAL Numbers Thanks To Diane Curtis-Page!

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Learned lessons well over 12 years!

All I can say here and now is that over the past 12 years…I and hopefully many of us have learned these hard lessons well…THERE WILL BE NO COMPROMISE…NO COMING TOGETHER…NO KYMBYTYA BS! We must be treated “fairly” and proudly…or…the consequences will be just as like those that were bestrode on us over the past 12 years!

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Why did vote counting suddenly stop on election night?

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Why isn’t THIS on the front page of EVERY newspaper in the WORLD???

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Virginia Gov. orders historic Robert E. Lee statue removed

It was appalling to learn that on June 4th, Governor Ralph Northam of the state of Virginia ordered the removal of the statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee from it’s long standing perch on Monument Avenue in Richmond, Virginia. A beautiful piece of United States history.

Only weak humans are afraid of our history. And the way they deal with it is to destroy it and remove it from sight…which is nothing less than an veiled attempt to control the citizens…and nothing less than the barbarism displayed in Afghanistan in 2013 by “Islam” and “Sharia” believers! FORTUNATELY it does NOT remove it from history only from the memories of the current fools and those who are afraid of the knowledge of history, right and wrong!

History destroyed in Afganistan

We should also be reminded that Democratic Gov. Ralph Northam is himself a former officer in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. The U.S. Army must have not been teaching much about bravery when he was enlisted as a military soldier. Retired or not, Northham should have the courage and conviction for all the citizens and face the opposing history of our republic with honor and distinction.

General Robert E. Lee failed and was defeated in his efforts for the Confederacy, but he was not defeated or did he fail in his devotion, honor and respect of the Republic of the United States of America.

Governor Northam is unfortunately much less of an honorable man, soldier and elected leader with his order to remove a long gone fellow soldier from the sight of all citizens. And that’s not to mention removing an important piece of United States and world history. Northam is no better than those of the Taliban outlaws who destroyed centuries old Buddhists statues in Afghanistan.

Gen Robert E Lee

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Cannot Suspend the Bill of Rights

Guest Editorial by Ron Drinkard

Just in case you have never read them or maybe forgot what the U.S. Bill of Rights GUARANTEE’s, please read the First Five Articles. While you do please note NO-Where does it give or imply the authority that the President, Congress, Governor, Two-Bit State AG or any health official can “SUSPEND” them for any reason, including a pandemic! Arrest me when attempting to violate my usage of ANY of these, and make me richer then Bezos or Gates, please!

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URGENT Letter to Gov. Newsome and All Other Governor’s Who Demand We Stay Home!

Dear Governor Gavin Newsom-

While I live in the same state as you, I feel a world away. You asked us to help you, we did. You asked us to close our business, we did. You asked us to stay home, we did. You asked us to continue to stay at home, we are. So here I am, at home, waiting. You told us don’t worry unemployment will come, it hasn’t. You told us don’t worry grants are coming, they haven’t. You told us don’t worry forgivable loans are coming, they haven’t. You told us don’t worry stimulus money is coming, it hasn’t. So here I am, at home waiting. I wait alongside most of my fellow small business owners, those self-employed and independent contractors. A massive number of California residents who are waiting for the Unemployment portal to open for us, waiting for loan approvals, waiting for stimulus checks. All of these programs, we are at the back of the line for. So here we wait. While bills come daily, savings continuously dwindling and still doing our part. It is time you do yours. It is an inconceivable expectation to close unessential business halting all income and expect us to survive. We need to pay our bills and put food on the table. Without immediate action, you are leaving us no options. How are we to survive? We deserve an answer. Coming soon is no longer acceptable!!!

Please join me in sending this message to Gavin Newsom

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President’s Warning to Iran

When I first heard our President’s warning to Iran about shooting their boats out of the water if a threat was perceived…THESE images immediately came to mind! I recall being terribly upset over this because OUR front line soldiers were thoroughly embarrassed (in the fourth image, please note that the captured woman Marine forced to wear an Islamic keffiyeh). In turn, each and every US patriot and veteran was equally embarrassed!!! Personally, I have never gotten over this…as well as my anger at Barry Obama and Hildabeast Clinton for doing relatively NOTHING about it and allowing these images to be published around world!

With this occurrence, I have a totally different feeling and am grateful for the immediate strong stand by our Commander and Chief. I pray this will NEVER happen again!

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO_2

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO_3

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO_4


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Even Willie Brown says vote NO on Proposition. 13!!!

…Yep, even for CA. Speaker of the CA. House of Representatives explains why he urges a NO vote on Prop. 13…

4-17-20-Prop 13 Willie Brown

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