The Priceless Avenatti…and the Dumb Democrats

…this short clip says it all…

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Kudos to KOMO for stating the REAL PROBLEM in the U.S.A!!!

This is long, but highly informative, very well documented and points to the true heart of the “Homeless” problem.


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Pelosi is outa her league!

…Heads up Ms. Pelosi (the Queen that NEVER was)…you may just about outa your league! And please be reminded that DJT otherwise known as MISTER PRESIDENT to you…is also THE Commander In Chief and may invoke Marshall Law…”as he deems it necessary.”!!!

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70% in favor of BUILDING THE WALL!!!

In my local (northern California) newspaper on Sunday, January 20, 2019, it was reported that readers voted 70% to 30% in favor of President Trump declaring a national emergency to BUILD A BORDER WALL! I imagine this number might just be higher across the country. Let’s find out! Urge your newspapers to ask readers this question and publish the results! (see actual opinion report below)

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Didn’t take long for the “Looney Left” to see just how poor and misguided Nancy Pelosi’s leadership really is!

…WOW…my congratulations to Mark Thiessen of…yes the Washington Post for his editorial that appeared today in many newspapers across the country. I don’t often have much good to say about the ultra left-leaning WAPO, but THIS is not one of them. Read below!

1-18-2019-pelosi lying-thiessen-wapo-marked up

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Wading through FAKE NEWS is tough, but it can be done!

Yes! Wading through FAKE NEWS is very tough. It takes time, work and perseverance. But the reward is great and knowing that you found REAL NEWS, is a very personal prize. The below, appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Friday, November 23, 2018.

Venezyeka-Hospital Ship-Marked up

If necessary, I apologize for marking it up, but the last paragraph is definitely the best…and a REAL NEWS find here.

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Sick of CA. Fire excuses!

by Shelley Hanson—I am SO sick and tired of hearing how the grass is drier and there’s more of it because of the drought (in California). The reason there is more grass and weeds in open country is because we had a lot of rain a winter ago. Grass doesn’t get drier. Once it’s dry, it’s dry.

And the Mendocino Complex cannot be the largest fire in California history. Recorded history, yes. As far as I know there isn’t anyone alive today that was alive when the earth was created. Words matter.

California is a mess because it’s citizens have allowed environmental extremists to dictate laws and living conditions. Accidents happen and people feel they aren’t responsible for their own actions or property. If PG&E isn’t allowed to clear growth around their lines, who’s really at fault?

Homeowners can stipulate they don’t want clearing. How foolish is that? But take heart, it’s all because of climate change and drier grass. But for the record, there is climate change-the climate is different every day. One day it’s 100 degrees and the next it’s 95 degrees. Buy your carbon credits because that will solve everything.

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Waters…Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!!!

…No matter how hard we try…we just cannot do any better than Maxine does for herself! Just wondering if she really does have a death wish??? Thanks again CNN…for getting this political idiot to say these things so that the whole world sees what a moron she really is!

6-29-2018-Waters-SCOTUS should be Illegal

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CNN continues to report LIES!!!

6-28-2018-CNN LiesThere is no “McConnell Rule.” There is, however, the “Biden Rule,” which was established by then-Senator Joe Biden when he was chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Biden said it was improper to confirm a Supreme Court nominee during a presidential election year and set the precedent that we follow today. I agree with that precedent. The Biden Rule doesn’t apply this year (2018) because we aren’t in a presidential election year.


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The CENSORSHIP on Face Book Finally Got Me!!!


Just a few minutes ago about 10:00 a.m., I received this announcement from some brave anonymous “face” at Face Book…

6-26-2018-Face Book BlockedI was trying to post a petition to remove the lovely Maxine Waters (CA.) from office and have now been stopped from posting on ANY GROUP!!! Folks…THIS is CENSORSHIP at it’s fines and right here under in the U.S.A!

It has now been more than 30 minutes since I have requested a reason for the block…but no response…they are probably pretty busy blocking millions of conservative pages! This just may be fodder for a law suit!

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