Clinton’s Uraniumgate Just May Blow Up…Soon!!!



Watched the FOX News program and had read much of the same information the day before in the WSJ editorial. The thing that may “color” this whole exposé and fatally taint it is the fact that Schweizer’s book is being published by the book publishing division of the News Corporation which, as you know owns the WSJ and FOX News. I want to believe and mostly  do from other sources that both Clinton’s are dirty as hell. But, it is also quite apparent that Hillary will brush this off by stating that it’s just another Right Wing Conspiracy! As you may also know, the NYT has also reported on this on Thursday, but at the same time they stated that they could not tie Hillary to the Uranium One deal. However, I have always subscribed to the premise that if it smells like a fish, it probably is a fish! The tip of the…

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Chicagoans-Stand Up and Demand Justice in the Jussie Smollett Case!



Citizens of Chicago, suggest you find your cajones and not let the Cook County prosecutors decision not to prosecute Jussie Smollett stand. If this were the opposite situation, white on black, you can bet there would be huge protests from coast to coast. And black citizens of Chi-Town, this should be a total embarrassment to you and your efforts to continue the work of Martin Luther King!

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The Priceless Avenatti…and the Dumb Democrats

…this short clip says it all…

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Kudos to KOMO for stating the REAL PROBLEM in the U.S.A!!!

This is long, but highly informative, very well documented and points to the true heart of the “Homeless” problem.


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Pelosi is outa her league!

…Heads up Ms. Pelosi (the Queen that NEVER was)…you may just about outa your league! And please be reminded that DJT otherwise known as MISTER PRESIDENT to you…is also THE Commander In Chief and may invoke Marshall Law…”as he deems it necessary.”!!!

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70% in favor of BUILDING THE WALL!!!

In my local (northern California) newspaper on Sunday, January 20, 2019, it was reported that readers voted 70% to 30% in favor of President Trump declaring a national emergency to BUILD A BORDER WALL! I imagine this number might just be higher across the country. Let’s find out! Urge your newspapers to ask readers this question and publish the results! (see actual opinion report below)

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Didn’t take long for the “Looney Left” to see just how poor and misguided Nancy Pelosi’s leadership really is!

…WOW…my congratulations to Mark Thiessen of…yes the Washington Post for his editorial that appeared today in many newspapers across the country. I don’t often have much good to say about the ultra left-leaning WAPO, but THIS is not one of them. Read below!

1-18-2019-pelosi lying-thiessen-wapo-marked up

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