Trump Delivers on Promise


…I’m not Jewish…or do I partularly care about Isreal or where its capitol is located. BUT the one thing I do CARE about is that this MAN delivered on his promise as he has endured nearly a year of the worst onslaught of false criticism EVER in the history of this country. HE is MY PRESIDENT and a ture LEADER in the most meaningful sense on that word. Congratulations, MISTER PRESIDENT! There is real hope for this country and the world.

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Are you tired of Winning yet?

Senator Ted Cruz says it all. Supreme Court backs Trump 7-2

12-5-2017-SC Ruling on Trump Ravel Ban…and while your in the area…stop by and say hello to…Maryland Judge Theodore D. Chuang and Attorney General Doug Chin of Hawaii.

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Note to Clinton and Obama…you best read the Logan Act

The Logan Act-USA

…suggest you both read this carefully and think long and hard about what you say and to whom you say it to when you are outside the borders of the United States!

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Message to the head RINO’s…Ryan & McConnell


…WTF is the matter with you RINO’s in Washington DC??? My God men…can’t you stand behind a fellow Republican until the accusers produce “any” PROOF that there is guilt? WTF is the matter with you people…are you so dammed blind you cannot see what is going on?

At the VERY LEAST…this “supposed incident” was 47 dammed years ago…can you remember details like she (the accuser) claims to THAT far back??? WOW…I am done with the RETARDED RINO Party…go home you are a poor excuses for anything even resembling a leaders…of anything!

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California has a Brown King!!!

Brown Commie

CA. SB-1 New Gasoline/Fuel TAX

Brownie didn’t go after anything that the VOTERS didn’t give him the power to do. That’s kinda clunky, but the VOTERS in CA., for several years now, have continued to put Democrats in the legislature…and guess what? In 2016…he got his Democratic SUPER MAJORITY. And what does that mean…it means he can do just about ANYTHING he wants…as the “Demorats” will carry his water…just as they did with SB-1 back in April (and where were the Republicans? They were being RINOS!). Think about this next time you VOTE…for either party!!! Democracy DOES NOT work correctly when there is a SUPER MAJORITY…just like a KING…and it called a MONARCHY!!!

And BTW…all this tax money is going right into the General Fund…never, ever to be seen again until it’s time for Brownie to pay for his “Train To Nowhere”!

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The Amaz’n Lindsey Graham…

Ain’t politics just wonerful…at least the RINO turd Graham had the guts to admit that TRUMP BEAT him like a drum for the Republican Presidential Nomination…as well as 16 others!!! WTF is the matter with the others…no cajones…can’t admit defeat…can’t be truthful…can’t pass any meaningful legislation…can’t…can’t…can’t!!! Hear it for yourself…(

Lindsey Graham



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Honor and Patriotism

9-24-2017-Lebron James-OlympicsBASKET-WC-2014-USA-SRB

now what you got to say…baby?

Honor and Patriotism, No Protest! For me, not very many in the media as well as many others, seem to really understand that all the angst that happens at the taking a knee by professional athletes, actors and politicians during the playing of the National Anthem at public events, is really about honor and patriotism and is not a protest!

It was said by another that these “professionals” should get down on both knees and give thanks for being at a place in the world where they are allowed to speak their opinions in public as well as earn as much money as possible through exhibiting their skills. But to use their highly public podium this has been solely manufactured by their athletic skills and successes, is unpatriotic and dishonors me and my countrymen as citizens and Veterans.

I was not fortunate enough to rise to a “professional” level in any sport or job. So I do not have a “professionally built” and paid for by others pulpit and must voice my opinions through letters like this that only get a minute fraction of the recognition. But I have served my country without waiver and learned the meaning of honor and Patriotism.

In the case of the NBA, there are 12 professional basketball leagues outside the NBA and many of those players rise to become NBA players. Why do I mention this, it’s because playing in the USA is better than playing on any basketball team any place else in the world. And just how many of these and former NBA players have played on USA teams in world events? In 2016, a record 46 NBA players completed in the Olympics; 12 NBA players alone were members the USA Basketball team. I guess I’m just a bit confused as to why many of these NBA players dishonor us, but work very hard to play on the U.S.A. teams!

Protest if you will or say what you please, but please NBA, NFL and all other “professionals”, do it on your own time and at your own expense!

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