President’s Warning to Iran

When I first heard our President’s warning to Iran about shooting their boats out of the water if a threat was perceived…THESE images immediately came to mind! I recall being terribly upset over this because OUR front line soldiers were thoroughly embarrassed (in the fourth image, please note that the captured woman Marine forced to wear an Islamic keffiyeh). In turn, each and every US patriot and veteran was equally embarrassed!!! Personally, I have never gotten over this…as well as my anger at Barry Obama and Hildabeast Clinton for doing relatively NOTHING about it and allowing these images to be published around world!

With this occurrence, I have a totally different feeling and am grateful for the immediate strong stand by our Commander and Chief. I pray this will NEVER happen again!

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO_2

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO_3

Iran takes US Marines hostage-BO_4


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