Scare Me news continues to dominate in newspapers

…once again “news” papers are shooting themselves in the foot. Today’s issue (of the Fairfield CA., Daily Republic) on the front page, I submit evidence that the complete story is NOT being told to faithful readers. The article appears: “Stay-at-home orders extended as state deaths near 600” written by someone at the Tribune Content Agency (whatever that is). Suggestion to the Editor, that this “boiler plate” be edited a little closer so that the complete truth is told. BTW, lying by “omission” is failure to correct pre-existing misconceptions.

In the 2nd paragraph the writer states “…California has recorded 598 deaths (caused by Coronavirus).” Looking at this number squarely in the face, it represents .0000151% of the CA. population. Sad to be sure, but worth a front page location with a screaming headline that blares “…state deaths near 600”? NO! Just more “SCARE YA NEWS”!

The “media” needs to make every attempt to tell the complete story rather than EXAGERATING insignificant numbers. And more importantly, editors at the DR need to do a better job of bringing the COMPLETE story to readers.

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