Sick of CA. Fire excuses!

by Shelley Hanson—I am SO sick and tired of hearing how the grass is drier and there’s more of it because of the drought (in California). The reason there is more grass and weeds in open country is because we had a lot of rain a winter ago. Grass doesn’t get drier. Once it’s dry, it’s dry.

And the Mendocino Complex cannot be the largest fire in California history. Recorded history, yes. As far as I know there isn’t anyone alive today that was alive when the earth was created. Words matter.

California is a mess because it’s citizens have allowed environmental extremists to dictate laws and living conditions. Accidents happen and people feel they aren’t responsible for their own actions or property. If PG&E isn’t allowed to clear growth around their lines, who’s really at fault?

Homeowners can stipulate they don’t want clearing. How foolish is that? But take heart, it’s all because of climate change and drier grass. But for the record, there is climate change-the climate is different every day. One day it’s 100 degrees and the next it’s 95 degrees. Buy your carbon credits because that will solve everything.

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