California needs a high profile candidate for Governor!!!

California is in deep “stuff”…make that VERY deep stuff! And the “stuff” is the 2018 election. And more importantly, the 2018 California Primary election set for Tuesday, June 12th.

Some background is needed here. In 2010, California voters passed Proposition 10, The Top Two Primaries Amendment. As a trivia note, the vote was 53.75% for and 46.27% against. Proposition 10 essentially says (and you can read it exactly below) that only the TOP TWO VOTE GETTERS only will be placed on the official election ballot on November 13, 2018.

3-8-2018-Election-Prop 14-2 top candidates-marked up_2

So…if you need it explained further, should two Democrats get the most votes, NO REPUBLICAN will appear on the November ballot. Now, do you ever wonder why Governor Moonbeam pushed the state legislature to pass the Motor Voter law. And by the way, I have yet to find any provision for U.S. Citizenship verification. All that is needed is for the applicant to check a box indicating they want to register to vote.

Here is what the Public Policy Institue of California concludes about the new Motor Voter law. ( Oh and CA.’s Motor Voter Law (the law known as AB60 took effect on January 2, 2015) was a law passed only by the CA. legislature. California citizens did NOT get an opportunity to vote on this law.

My conclusion: California voters desperately need a high profile candidate for Governor. So far, no one has risen to the top. We suggest Michele Bachmann from Minnesota be convinced to move to California and to run for Governor!

Michele Bachmann


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