University of California’s Napolitano Hides $175 Million!!!


Yep, we’ve been robbed once again…this time by that good ’ol gal Janet Napolitano…she’s done it in Arizona…she’s done it in D.C. and now she’s succeeded in robbing students, parents and taxpayers in Kaleephorneeah to the tune of at least $175 MILLION!!! (check it out:

I sincerely hope this finally brings the outrage it deserves here in the Golden State. Napolitano does not possess the qualifications to be the head of the largest state university system in the country and probably the world.

Wake up California and get a grip on what is happening to your state. Look up the exodus rate over the past several years. People are leaving the state by the thousands. And who remain to pay the taxes and make up for the $175,000,000 that has been stolen by the politicians.

California Republicans! Where are you???


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