The Four Trumpsman Are Gone!!!


I am really at a point where I do not understand what is going on with the Trump transition team. Just yesterday, Rudy Giuliani turned down a (any) position in the Trump administration and was told he would not be Trumps pick for Secretary of State! Recently Chris Christie was expelled from the team and has not been considered for any position!

And Early on, Newt Gingrich was not selected for ANY position within the Trump administration…yet throughout the campaign, Newt was THE most ardent Trump supporter of them all. And then last but certainly not least was Huckabee, who was another very positive Trump cheerleader, will so far not be a part of the Trump administration.

These are four of the strongest supporters of Donald Trump as well as being very, very smart men. Why is this? There is something going on inside the transition team and it needs to be exposed!

Let’s take a long look at what motivates a person like Reince Priebus and why Mitt Romney apparently continues to be among the “favorites” for the highly important position of Secretary of State. I wonder exactly where Priebus who was praised by Trump on election night, deep loyalties lay? As for Romney…I wouldn’t allow him to step on foot inside the Whitehouse!

These actions by the Trump Transition Team are starting to stink like a week old New York fish! Let’s get some reasonable answers out to the public and all of us who voted for Trump. We deserve straight, honest answers!

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2 Responses to The Four Trumpsman Are Gone!!!

  1. Randy Plattsmier says:

    I don’t think if has anything to do with dissing them. I think Trump is forever grateful he had their help getting in. I suspect there still may be offers sub cabinet level for them. Look. Trump hasn’t built the incredible business he has by selecting friends or personalities. He puts ass kicking successful people in key positions. I am elated at his picks and I think we are getting ready to move into an incredible renaissance in this country.

    • …OK…time will tell if your right. However, for my money I would pick the very best people I could…if they don’t turn out to be just that…they can be replaced. Just think he missed some great men.

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