Big Time Media Bias Includes the Wall Street Journal

Usually, I can rely on the Wall Street Journal newspaper to be more fair and impartial than most printed or electronic media. But not this morning; one day before the biggest election in our countries history, they fell right in the black hole of “Bias Journalism” that most other media have resided for the majority of this Presidential campaign.

11-7-2016-wsj-trump-clinton-comparisonThe image on the left appears on page A19 of the WSJ today (11-7-2016) and contained within a political opinion written by John H. Cochrane. I find the image is insulting to my intelligence because I know that Hillary Clinton is 5-ft. 5-in. tall while Donald Trump is 6-ft. 3-inches tall. Yet, the image from the Getty company or whatever it is, depicts Clinton to be (my estimate) about one inch taller than Trump.

Now, most might comment…“so what”. But, what appears here is a form blatant visual lying! The photo on the right is an actual photo of Clinton and Trump at a Presidential debate in August! Now, think about this: How does this visual comparison strike you? Maybe that Hillary has “risen” above Donald, or that maybe she is winning now?

My displeasure with this “image” is not only that Hillary’s image is falsely about one inch taller than Donald, but that the editors and the author of the opinion would allow this “lie” to be distributed nation wide a day prior to the election of President of the United States. Wow! What a disappointment!

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