Trump Pence…The Team That Will Lose!

7-15-2016-Trump Pence-Wrong Choice

Well Donald…I have stuck by you and your rants and rudeness over the past year…but your decision to select Pence as your Vice President has had me baffled…until I thought deeply about it. I believe that you have done the unthinkable and succumbed to the RNC and the “Establishment” politicians in choosing the Indiana governor as your running mate.

What were you thinking about? Or was the pro-Pence group just too strong for you? Either way, I am decidedly disappointed…in fact I’m crushed that you would allow this kind of pressure to influence your decision making and force you to do something you know in your heart is not the correct choice for the American People. Now, I’m not sure anymore if you ARE capable of guiding this country back to being great again.

I urge you to rethink your choice and pick Newt Gingrich as your running mate. Newt is the most powerful and feared man in D.C. who is not an “Insider Establishment” politician. Gingrich has been on your side almost before anyone else was and has suffered much political pain for doing it.

Gingrich knows D.C. like no one else. As former Speaker of the House, he has been one of the most effective leaders in many years. Pence, on the other had, has not been successful in a National effort and does not know D.C. anything like Gingrich does. It will probably take Pence a year to even find his office much less know what those divisive Senators will attempt to do to you!

If, God forbid, something were to happen to you and you could not continue to perform as POTUS, would Pence be the right man to lead this country…I don’t think so! Gingrich on the other hand is a proven leader and quite capable of carrying on with the work of leading this country!

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