Right Back Atcha London Mayor Sadiq Khan

So…within hours of your election to the office of Mayor of one of the world’s largest cities and within moments of a congratulatory message from the “presumptive” Republican Presidential Nominee Donald Trump, you puff up like a little banty rooster and crowed that you believe Mr. Trump is “ignorant” of Islam. Well, Mister Mooselump Mayor…you just may want to walk those statements right back into your dirty mouth. Someday you just may want the assistance of the good ‘ole U.S. of A. like your city and country did September 7, 1940! Of course you don’t remember The London Blitz…do you!


Future POTUS Donald Trump has more class, good intentions, manners and guts in his little finger than you do in your entire body.

Sadiq…you are nothing but a sawed off little rude runt who just can’t break the ties with your wacky Mooselump religion…if you can really call it a “religion”. The Mooselump religion is so mixed up and ill fitting in the world today. Your Islamic leaders have yet to have a reformation of this off-kilter doctrine. Islump continues to operate with sixth century teachings and beliefs. Take your rudeness and phony religious baloney back to Arabia and bury it in that Godforsaken barren land where it belongs! Death to all radical Mooselumps!

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2 Responses to Right Back Atcha London Mayor Sadiq Khan

  1. Ron Nickels says:

    When will America wake up,Europe is on its way to Sharia law,Hopefully it stops now,or Europe is done.

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