Trump Visiously Attacked in Califonia by VictoryCalifornia

Rob Stutzman_A

Received this message yesterday from this political hack Rob Stutzman…

— On Tue, 4/19/16, Victory California <> wrote:

From: Victory California <>
Subject: Trump thinks you’re stupid
To: “O R” <>
Date: Tuesday, April 19, 2016, 12:28 PM

Victory California PAC
O —

Donald Trump thinks you’re stupid.

He thinks he can con you into believing he is a conservative; that he respects women, the disabled, minorities, and the impoverished; that he knows anything about foreign or domestic policy – and he thinks he can win your vote while doing it.

California is now the path to the Republican nomination and the last stand in our battle to stop Trump from tanking the conservative movement and the country along with it.

I’m sure Ronald Reagan would be appalled at the level of arrogance and disrespect Donald Trump is displaying to the same voters who founded and led the Reagan Revolution.

But there is something you can do about it.

Join Victory California’s Team #NeverTrump with a donation of $25 or more today, receive this digital membership card to show to your friends, and help us make California the end to Donald Trump’s political career for good.

 It has been over 50 years since California played such a critical role in choosing the Republican nominee, and the whole country will be watching to see if we can stand up to Trump or be another victim in his long con.

Here at Victory California we are working tirelessly to save the conservative movement and the Republican Party from his assault.

But we need strong California conservatives like you to join with us in order to make this happen.

There is strength in numbers O, and by making a donation to Victory California of $25 or more and joining Team #NeverTrump you can help ensure that we have the numbers – both in resources and votes – to make sure Donald Trump does not take California down with him.

Please join us and claim your card today!

Rob Stutzman

Claim your card Now >>

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