Where did $110 Billion go…or why “they” are so scared of Trump!

Folks…this is basic stuff and I’m surprised that the media hasn’t thought of it…well, I’m not really surprised at all. Here’s the deal…what you would do if you were to buy a business or become CEO of the largest company in the world? Well, I know what the very first thing I would do is and I’m betting it’s about the same thing Donald Trump is going to do when he’s elected POTUS. Therein lies the reason that “they”, the politicians, the media and the Presidential candidates from both sides of the isle, are scared to death.

Now let me spell out the answer. I would do just as Mister Trump is going to do and that is call for a full and total audit of this country. Impossible you say! But here, I believe is the answer he’ll give you. If he’s going to run this business for the next four years, he is going to know exactly what will need to be done. That is the right thing and the smart thing to do. Trump as I would, wants to know where all the money is going…don’t you want to know as well…it’s your money!

Just to start things off…on March 10, 2016, the WSJ’s front page story asks WHERE DID $110 BILLION GO? Now for me, that’s a pretty good question. But the “media” never picked up on it…wonder why? It seems that this $110 Billion is the amount that the Federal government received as settlements paid by U.S. banks for their part in inflating the mortgage bubble since 2010. And where did the money go? Read for yourselves (http://www.wsj.com/articles/big-banks-paid-110-billionin-mortgage-related-fines-where-did-the-money-go-1457557442). And start thinking for yourselves too!

Trump is right on track. Don’t let the RINO/DEMO/Media Establishment lie to you any more. Vote for Trump in 2016 https://www.donaldjtrump.com/


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