A long hidden truth about U.S. Veterans!

I ask you to watch this video and then read my comments below this morning…https://www.facebook.com/Amercanbadass/videos/601717876521993/?fref=nf

This is what most of us BABY BOOMERS have silently carried with us since the ’60’s!!! Truth is we were ORDERED not wear our uniforms in public no matter what our mission was! And if we had to wear the uniform of any branch of the U.S. military, we got spit on and given the “social finger” and even had things thrown at us…it was awful and it was embarrassing.

BUT WE STILL SERVED IN THE BEST WAY WE COULD and did it proudly. Then we returned to civilian life and said NOTHING about our “service”. Now we sit and watch the millennials generation serve and receive all the appreciation which they rightly deserve. But again, we sit in silence saying nothing to reveal who we are. Now my question is this, why do you think there is so much support for Donald Trump to become the Commander and Chief and a the leader of our nation has been missing for seven and one half years?

We served as best we could!

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