California Republican Party Goes Stupid…Again!!!

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I just found from a friend, that checked in at the CA. Secretary of State’s website, that as a registered “…as a Non Partisan Party (NPP or Non-Declared), will NOT be able to vote for a Republican candidate in the June 7th primary election. Seems the Republican Party did not notify the Secretary of State by simple letter, that the party will allow “no party preference voters to vote in the Republican Presidential primary election.” How’s that for bringing the party together?

Since this is the case, my choice will be to either re-register as a Republican so I can vote for a Republican candidate or vote for Bernie Sanders or Hillary Klinkton since the Democrat party will allow “no party preference voting” in their party’s primary election.

There surely are many thousands of NPP, INT or LIB voters that may want to vote for a Republican candidate, but they can not.

Please alert them to this and that if anyone wants to re-register in order to vote for a Republican candidate in California at the June 7, 2016 primary election, they must submit a re-registration form by May 23, 2016. This action can be done online. Here is the link to the CA Secretary of State website: Or you voters can re-register at their county of residence Registrar of Voter’s office or their online web sight.

P.S. I Suggest that those affected like myself, let the California Republican Party have an ear full!

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1 Response to California Republican Party Goes Stupid…Again!!!

  1. Ourania says:

    I totally agreed. California Republican Party goes stupid again. Both my husband and I re registered Republicans so we can vote for Donald Trump in the California June Primary. You can re-register – online- no later than May 23, 2016 if you want to vote for Trump. Otherwise don’t bother the other Republican candidates are not worth your time or effort. . After the June primary WE will change our registration to NPP.

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