Who is paying Bill Bennett?

How long before you move on…retire…or whatever it is that your going to do in the near future? Well, believe me you old blubbering curmudgeon…it can’t be soon enough for me!
After a great weekend spent mostly away from the radio and TV and all the BS of the presidential campaigning, I tuned you in this morning only to find you are getting worse than ever!
Again, I ask you the question: who is paying you to prattle so much BS on the radio in the morning. As I recall you saying…there isn’t much that you don’t say that you don’t get paid for or something close to that.  However, you don’t even get your facts straight. You take what people say out of context and ignore what others say that would be viewed by reasonable people as intentionally vile.
Hummm…wonder if it could be that you’re moving on from the Morning In America program and now can now say anything you want or are paid to say. Again, it continues to sound like your on the RNC payroll. I view your moving on as an event I look forward to.
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